Niels Gandraß

Freelancing Software Developer and Computer Science Master Student


Hi, I'm Niels — a freelancing software developer based in Hamburg, Germany.

I like to keep Linux servers happy and healthy, but primarily develop specialized applications according to the business needs of my clients. These range from scalable backend services over DIN/ISO compliant laboratory software to firmware for embedded IoT devices. Furthermore, the creation of websites for small to medium-sized businesses is also part of my skill set.

In the recent years I worked with various clients, including the following among others:


Niels Gandraß, Michel Rottleuthner, and Thomas C. Schmidt
uTimer: A Uniform Low-level Timer API for RIOT OS

Microcontrollers offer a large range of hardware timers. As peripherals grow in diversity, the complexity of supporting them increases for embedded operating systems. Well-established...

Conference Paper English Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) DOI: 10.1109/iThings-GreenCom-CPSC... ISBN: 978-1-6654-1762-4
08 Dec 21
Niels Gandraß, Michel Rottleuthner, and Thomas C. Schmidt
Large-scale Timer Hardware Analysis for a Flexible Low-level Timer-API Design: Work-in-Progress

We report on our ongoing development of an optimized low-level timer-API for the RIOT operating system. Starting with a survey of hardware timer peripherals from 43 MCU-families and 8...

WiP Paper English Association for Computing Machinery DOI: 10.1145/3477244.3477617 ISBN: 9781450387125
30 Sep 21
Niels Gandraß, Karin Landenfeld, and Jonas Priebe
Examuntu: A Secure and Portable Linux-Distribution for Summative E-Assessments at Universities

As electronic assessments emerged into the academic landscape, specialized software solutions were developed along with them. Nowadays, many e-assessment systems that provide secure...

Conference Paper English European Society for Engineering Education ISBN: 978-2-87352-023-6
14 Sep 21
Karin Landenfeld, Jonas Priebe, and Niels Gandraß
Digitale Aufgaben und Prüfungen in Mathematik – ein Erfahrungsbericht

Kaum ein Studiengang lässt sich heutzutage noch vollständig ohne digitale Komponenten denken. Insbesondere die Ausrichtung der Studieninhalte auf eine zunehmend digitale Arbeitswelt ist...

Short Paper German ARGESIM Publisher, Vienna DOI: 10.11128/arep.45 ISBN: 978-3-901608-69-8
12 Mar 21
Niels Gandraß, Torge Hinrichs, and Axel Schmolitzky
Towards an Online Programming Platform Complementing Software Engineering Education

Existing online programming platforms provide many opportunities for individuals to develop and improve their programming skills. Using descriptive assignments that address different...

Conference Paper English SEUH 2020
27 Feb 20
Niels Gandraß and Axel Schmolitzky
Automatisierte Bewertung von Java-Programmieraufgaben im Rahmen einer Moodle E-Learning Plattform

Die Programmiersprache Java wird an zahlreichen Hochschulen gelehrt, um Studierende mit grundlegenden Programmierkonzepten vertraut zu machen. Zur Integration von...

Conference Paper German DOI: 10.18420/abp2019-1
08 Oct 19
Niels Gandraß
Unsupervised Machine Learning: Feature Extraction for Classification of LIDAR-Ceilometer Aerosol-Backscatter Profiles

In this bachelor thesis a method for unsupervised feature extraction from aerosol backscatter profiles is proposed. After a first data preprocessing step the LIDAR-ceilometer datasets...

Bachelor's Thesis German
29 Apr 19
Philipp Palm, Nena Kerner, Sarah Alexi, Niels Gandraß, et al.
Werden? Ich bin doch schon!: Neue Schule Hamburg

Die Neue Schule Hamburg ist eine demokratische Schule, die konsequent die individuelle Freiheit ihrer Schülerinnen und Schüler in den Mittelpunkt stellt. Doch wie wird das...

Book German NullPunkt & Komma Verlag ISBN: 978-3962780005
01 Nov 17


When I'm not spending my time on awesome projects I study for my Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Computer Science.

Studying for M.Sc. in Computer Science
Acquired B.Sc. in Computer Engineering
Started working as a freelancing software developer
for various customers
Acquired general university-entrance diploma (Abitur)
Created my first coding project together with friends
it was messy but ignited my enthusiasm

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